One of the first memories I have is related to music and colours and from that moment, those two became really important in my life. That’s why I knew since the beginning that my grad project at VFS should be related to that.

While looking for inspiration, I realised how lucky this generation is in terms of social media, exposure and networking. So, after days of thinking about it all the time, I decided to work in a music visualizer, where the big idea is: “Empower people to visualize what’s in their minds” and, the controlling idea is: “I wish I had this technology when I was a teenager…”

First, I started with my logo to set the tone of the project, then the simple shapes of triangle, square, and circle really stands out to me, which in the end makes up the logo design. Then I started milestones of user experience research: beatboards, personas, moodboards, etc. But that wasn’t enough, since the only opinion I had so far, was mine. So that´s why I did interviews to see how users would react when giving an app like this. Afterwards, I started working in the interface design, gestures and mockups.

Gestures in this project are particularly essential because this I needed to define the fun part of this project through that. But again, the user research really helped me a lot to come up with intuitive fun gestures.

Finally, I decided to create a video to showcase the app. The idea behind it was: “FUSS as an Interactive Mixtape” which helped me to explain what FUSS is, what you can do with it and how can you interact with your friends, family or lover.

This project has been an amazing experience that incorporated all the skills that I have learned from school and have acquired through my previous work experience. And for sure this is not over since I’m always thinking about ways to improve this it.

If you want to check the whole User Experience document and all of the references for this project, just send me an email.